Here are the links for this month's readings for
The Two Towers, Book IV, Chapter 2, 'The Passage of the Marshes'.

A big thank you to all who participated for your patience to make our changes work, and to our two pinch-hitters ink-gypsy and shirebound!

Part 1 read by vaysh
Part 2 read by ink_gypsy
Part 3/1 and 3/2 read by lavendertook
Part 4 read by shirebound
Part 5 read by ink_gypsy
Part 6 read by tanis
Part 7 read by bslarner
Part 8 read by dreamflower02

Edit: We are using our Tindeck account to store most of the readings for the first time. The embedded player or links used in some of the entries do not have a link for downloading the readings as MP3 files. If you prefer downloading MP3 files, you can find them either on the Tindeck Profile page or on an alternativee location on since the Tindeck links don't seem to work for Ipads etc.
Please note the readings on are only stored temporarily, whereas those on Tindeck are permanent. If you need any of the files on a later date and can't access them, please contact the_winterwitch.
14 July 2014 @ 10:23 am
My apologies for the delay in sending out the reading assignments! Since they were late going out, we have extended the date for posting the links to July 25, and you may begin your readings at any time you like before that date. Also, almost all the assignments can be found in TWO parts, one as a reply to your sign-up comment, and the second as a reply to the first part.

The assignments can be found at the sign-up post HERE. Be sure to check for both your parts.

When you've completed your reading, please comment on this post with your link! Thank you, and enjoy your reading!
04 July 2014 @ 01:57 pm
Hi everybody,

this is just a temporary post about our Tindeck account, a definitive one with the possiblity for you all to upload will follow once I get the hang of it and finding out if there is a useable tag system and how to best use it and such. ;o) Until then, I'm afraid uploading will have to go through me, but just for the time being. You can either send me your reading by email (send me a PM for my address) or upload it to the space you prefer, where I can download it and put it on Tindeck. I can also download a copy from LJ voice post entries and upload it, as I have done with dreamflower's last reading.

You find the account here: Tindeck for Read Lotr Aloud

I have already uploaded some of your last readings. If yours is already there and you want to use it in your last reading entry, click on your reading. You'll get to the site where the reading plays immediately.
On that page is also a link to "get embed code/link", where you have different choices of what to use on your page. All of these need to be copied into the HTML view of your LJ entries. If you want to use the embedded mp3 player like it looks here use the code for the Embedded Player on the bottom of the page.

I hope this works! (And I'm sorry to say I'll be away from tomorrow until the 14th without regular internet, so I might not be able to answer messages or questions in time, for which I ask for your patience.)
This is the sign-up post for the next chapter of Reading LotR Aloud, for book IV, chpater 2: "The Passage of the Marshes".

Since we have had fewer readers lately and had to split the chapters to sections sometimes too large for the LJ voice post option, we want to try a different approach and see how it works.
Therefore, we split the chapter up beforehand and are now offering a number of slots for the reading. We hope to have enough sign-ups to fill them all. If not, we can either keep the leftover slots for the next reading, or some of us can read two.

Since  the_winterwitch is travelling without reliable internet connection until the 14th of July, we also changed the original schedule so she can take care of uploading the readings to our Tindeck account for those of you who are not using LJ voice post and would like make use of the Tindeck account (*).
Sign-ups start today and continue through July 6th
Assignments: July 7th
Readings begin: July 14th
Chapter goes up: July 21st

We would like to try out this way for the next reading and see how it works. For this reading, we have eight reading slots of about two book pages each. You just need to sign up as usual, but if you are willing or eager to cover more than one slot, please let us know.

Please let us know what you think of this change, and also about any ideas or suggestions you have for keeping the recording and listening the most comfortable for all of us! Please also let us know if you would like to participate but the schedule is not working for you; we're happy to adapt it if possible.

Dreamflower & Winterwitch

(*) The Tindeck account for Read_Lotr_Aloud is here: Tindeck for RLA
It is an online space for music and audio recordings, and the_winterwitch gifted us with a lifetime premium membership so we can make the best use of the account. It is meant to store the readings of those of us who prefer to record not with LJ voice post, and also eventually as a backup space for all our old readings, as sadly those are lost if an LJ account is purged.
For the time being, Winterwitch will upload the files for you, either getting it herself from any online space you provide, or if you send it to her by Email. She will also gladly help you with any technical issues about recording, converting or uploading if necessary so all of us can find the easiest and most comfortable way of recording our readings.

Here are the links for this month's readings for
The Two Towers, Book IV, Chapter I, 'The Taming of Sméagol':

Part 1 read by vaysh
Part 2 read by ink_gypsy
Part 3 read by arcadiaego
Part 4 read by the_winterwitch
Part 5/1 and part 5/2 read by lavendertook
Part 6 read by baranduin [alternative link to the MP3-version]
Part 7 read by dreamflower02

Thank you all for participating! Have fun listening, everybody, and thank you to all you readers and commenters! :o)

We hope you will all join us also for the next chapter; the schedule will be posted in the next days.
Voice posting for Book IV, chapter 11, "The Palantir", begins today and continues until May 26th. The complete chapter will go up on May 27th.

Please let us know if you're having any problems with the posting or need a pinch-hitter. Please contact the_winterwitch or comment here if you need online space to upload your reading, we have something available now.

Please comment here with a link to your reading when you have completed it, and remember to unlock your post if necessary so that everyone can listen.

We're looking forward to your readings!

Thank you, and have fun! :o)
We are still looking for readers for the next chapter of Read LotR aloud: Book IV Chapter I, "The Taming of Sméagol".

Sign-ups ups continue through next Tuesday, May 13.

Please comment here if you would like to participate and/or would like to be a pinch hitter.
Sign-ups for the next reading, Book IV, Chapter I,"The Taming of Sméagol" begin today and continue through next Tuesday, May 6. Please comment here at this post if you would like to participate and/or would like to be a pinch hitter.
Here are the readings for the International Tolkien Reading Day 2014:

We have a small but nice selection for you, from poem to essay to article to book passages.

blslarner read from the essay On Fairy Tales

dreamflower02 read Bilbo's Last Song

ink_gypsy read excerpts from Letters from Father Christmas

lavendertook read a passage of an early draft of A long expected party from Lord of the Rings

shirebound read a passage from "In Search of J.R.R. Tolkien" by Chris Baron in WORD!San Diego, 2005.

the_winterwitch read a passage from The Hobbit: A Short Rest

Thank you everybody for participating, readers, listeners and reviewers alike!
24 March 2014 @ 06:07 am
Tuesday March 25 is International Tolkien Reading Day. Every year we celebrate by asking people to choose and read a favorite passage from any of Tolkien's writings!

You do not need to be a member of the community to participate. Simply read aloud, using LJ Voice Post or some other method of making an audio post. Then comment to THIS post with a link to your reading. We will collect the links and make a round-up post.

Also, if you participate in some other "Tolkien Reading Day" activity, post about that and we will include a link to that as well!